TAKTL, LLC | University of British Columbia Student Union | Vancoulver, BC
University of British Columbia Student Union Building | Vancouver, British Columbia | Textures: Reeds | Colors: Custom Brown
TAKTL, LLC | Project Oscar | Lincoln, Nebraska
Project Oscar | Lincoln, Nebraska | Texture: Arbos 1 | Color: Dune
TAKTL, LLC | University of Connecticut Basketball Center | Storrs, Connecticut
University of Connecticut Basketball Development Center | Storrs, Connecticut | Texture: Reeds | Color: Various Shades of Gray
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TAKTL, LLC Manufacturing Facilities
State of the art manufacturing equipment demonstrates scalable accuracy and precision
TAKTL, LLC | Gateway Youth Center, Rothschild Doyno
Waikiki Business Plaza | Waikiki, Hawaii | Texture: Custom Multi-textured Reeds | Color: Custom